Setup Amazon AWS GPU instance with MXnet

Number 2147483647

Niba Meisje met de parel

(every blog should have a cat, right? This cat is “Niba”, and she is Pogo’s younger sister. The neural art style is “Girl with a Pearl Earring“. More about Neural Art with MXnet, please refer to my last blog.)

With popular requests, I wrote this blog for starting an Amazon AWS GPU instance and install MXnet for kaggle competitions, like Second Annual Data Science Bowl. Installing CUDA on AWS is kind of tricky: one needs to update kernels and solve some conflicts. I want to have special thanks to Caffe EC2 installation guide,-CUDA-7,-cuDNN)

Have you clicked “star” on MXnet’s github repo? If not yet, do it now:

Create AWS GPU instance

For creating an AWS instance, please follow AWS spot instance can be an inexpensive solution for competing on Kaggle, and one can request a g2.2xlarge (single GPU) or a g2.8xlarge (4x GPUs)…

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