Logic Limericks by Stefan Bilaniuk

Deduction Theorem

A Theorem fine is Deduction,
For it allows work-reduction:
To show  “A implies B”,
Assume A and prove B;
Quite often a simpler production.

Generalization Theorem
When in premiss the variable’s bound,
To get a “for all” without wound,
For civilization
Could use some help for reasoning sound.

Soundness Theorem
It’s a critical logical creed:
Always check that it’s safe to proceed.
To tell us deductions
Are truthful productions,
It’s the Soundness of logic we need.

Completeness Theorem
The Completeness of logics is Gödel’s.
‘Tis advice for looking for mödels:
They’re always existent
For statements consistent,
Most helpful for logical lab¨ors.


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